Innovative voice messenger
for your incredible life

Yotalk is a anonymous and functional voice messenger with group chat support and voice changing feature.


Record and send voice messages

What's easier for you: to say a couple of phrases or try to explain yourself in a letter? Yotalk offers a whole new way of socializing!

Change your voice and send messages anonymously

Yotalk will also allow preserving anonymity when necessary. With the option of voice changing, you can modify your voice to remain unrecognisable to the message recipient. It is important to note that we do NOT store your messages on the server, so you don't need to worry about your messages being listened to by some stranger!
The future of mobile messaging!
No more wasting your time writing letters: you can make better use of it by talking to someone via Yotalk!

Group messages

Our voice messenger will let you save time, as you can take advantage of the option to send group messages.


When sending a message to a friend, you can be sure he will be the only one hearing it. We do not store your messages on the server, so no one has access to them except for the recipient.

Easy to use

Turns out, saying something is easier and faster than typing… Who knew! Not too many of us can boast of possessing the skill of record-fast typing. Those that can type fast enough often find themselves unable to put their thoughts into words quickly and clearly. No wonder using our voice to express ourselves is so much easier for us: it's as NATURAL as it gets.